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The PASCV listserver was initiated in 1995 to distribute email among members. Among those topics frequently aired are reports of viral isolations, problems with specific reagents, and queries regarding technical details. All those interested in virology are welcome to join the listserver. We prefer that you join the PASCV as prior to taking advantage of the listserver, but it is no longer a requirement.

Sending messages: You can send a message to all subscribers if you send it to the e-mail address: or you can still use The case of the letters (capital/small) is disregarded, so use either.

Replying to messages:To reply to an e-mail distributed by the listserver, you should choose reply if you want EVERYONE to see the reply. If you want just the SENDER to see the reply, send an e-mail specifically to that person at their e-mail address. We encourage sending relevant replies to everyone.You may occasionally get more than one copy of distributed e-mail. If so, your name may be on the list in duplicate, or e-mail was sent to an erroneous or old addresses which somehow nevertheless got to you, please send me an e-mail with a copy of the bum address and I will see that it is expunged. The list is not moderated, so don't abuse this slow lane of the information superhighway.

Subscribing:To subscribe via email, from the email address you want to subscribe, send an e-mail to: and you should be on the list server.  If you have a problem please email me with the request.

Unsubscribing: If you get tired of all those e-mail messages and want to remove yourself from the list, follow the directions outlined in each email distribution or contact Dave Myerson at

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