Election Call for 2020 Nominations

The call for nominations for PASCV Councilor and Officer positions is now open. This year we seek nominations for candidates for the following positions:


          Councilor (3 positions available)




Deadline for nominations is March 13, 2020. Submit a nomination. 


Please review the information below and the Policies and Procedures Manual prior to submitting a nomination. Self-nominations are encouraged. 


2020 Election Timeline

March 13       

Deadline for Election Nominations

March 17

Nominees to Return Disclosure Forms and Confirm Intent to Serve if Elected

March 19

Review of Candidates by Council

March 20

Candidates Presented to Membership for Voting

April 3

Voting Ends

April 9

Election Results Announced (via PASCV Pulse)


Council Composition

The Council shall consist of eleven (11) Councilors, namely, the current officers of the Society, President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, and seven additional Councilors as elected by the Members. Terms for Councilors and Officers are outlined in the By-laws and described in the descriptions of each position below. Councilors will be elected prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Councilor terms will begin and end on the day of the Annual Business Meeting.


Qualifications to Serve
Any PASCV member in good standing with annual dues paid may serve on Council. Councilors must be elected by the Members. Councilors should:

  • Have a high interest in PASCV and its programs.
  • Be able and willing to participate in Council programs and meetings.
  • Be able to work cooperatively as a team member.
  • Be an individual who is an established or rising leader in the field of clinical virology as viewed by his/her peers.


Councilor Expectations

  • Accept and follow through on all assignments from Executive Committee.
  • Promptly acknowledge all communications from Councilors, Executive Committee, and PASCV staff including notification of availability for meetings and conference calls.
  • Participate in all Council conference calls and review agenda prior to each call to enable active participation.
  • Participate in discussion and work product so that work is equitably spread among Council members and so that sound, thoroughly deliberated decisions can be made.
  • Attend face-to-face meetings meeting as scheduled.

Councilor Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities outlined in the By-laws, Councilors shall:

  • Serve as a committee or working group chair and represent their committee to the Council to provide information about the activities and accomplishments of the committee, and/or to request discussion or approval of specific committee activities or projects.
  • Be responsible for the successful operation and development of the committee or working group that they lead.
  • Ensure that their committee or working group designs initiatives and accomplishes projects that achieve the strategic plan of the society.
  • Regularly communicate with their committee or working group members to ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion.


Note: These responsibilities apply to Councilors only. Responsibilities of Officers and those belonging to the Executive Committee are listed below under Executive Committee.


Executive Committee


Executive Committee Composition
The President, Immediate Past-President, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Council. The Executive Committee has the authority to act on behalf of the Council, to exercise all the powers of the Council in the management and direction of the corporation and conduct the affairs of the corporation except that it shall not have the powers to regulate annual dues.


President-Elect Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities outlined in the By-laws, the President-Elect shall:

  • Serve as a co-chair of the Molecular Virology Workshop Committee to plan the workshop program with the other appointed co-chairs and to serve as Molecular Workshop Committee liaison to Council.
  •  Work with the Executive Committee to appoint two members to serve as co-chairs of the Molecular Virology Workshop Committee.

Secretary-Treasurer Responsibilities 

In addition to the responsibilities outlined in the By-laws, the Secretary-Treasurer shall:

  • Present the financial report at the annual business meeting.

  • Initiate and oversee preparation and filing of annual taxes by professional CPA. 

  • Recommend opportunities to increase revenue and streamline expenditures.  

  • Perform monthly reconciliation of bank accounts and provide status reports to Council as warranted.

  • Work with the Administrative Director to maintain and store meeting minutes and other Society documents.

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